Youth Substance Use is Risky Business

Early initiation of substance use can have long-lasting effects.  When youth experiment with substances before their brains are fully developed, it can wreak havoc on the way it's wired increasing the chances for a substance use disorder later in life.  Underage substance use can also lead to other harmful consequences both physically and mentally.  Learn more about specific substances below.  



Learn about the legal and health risks of underage alcohol use as well as tips about how to talk to your child about substance use. 



With the recent legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Massachusetts it can be hard to understand what the deal is.  One thing is clear, though: if you're under the age of 21, recreational use of marijuana can have negative effects on the brain both in the short-term and long-term. 


prescription drugs

According to data, most teenagers who misuse prescription drugs gain access to them through friends and family.  It's important that any unused medication is disposed of at a prescription drug drop off kiosk, and medications currently in use are secured properly.