What is the youth ambassador program?

Youth Ambassadors, for students in grades 6-12, is a program that is youth-led and facilitates lasting relationships between the youth of Norwood, builds leadership skills, and raises awareness around health and substance-use issues affecting the Norwood community. We aim for youth to gain life skills and knowledge through projects, presentations, health education, and community service. We will provide resources and training for you to take action!

top three reasons to join

Gain New Experiences. Youth Ambassadors will have opportunities to attend local and national conferences where they will engage with public health professionals, and state and federal officials. Annually, selected Youth Ambassadors will travel to Washington, D.C. to the CADCA National Leadership Forum, where they will have the chance attend youth focused training sessions, and meet with Congressional and Senate representatives.

Leadership Development. Youth Ambassadors will learn public speaking, advocacy and presentation skills, among other things. These skills will empower youth to become leaders not only in their school, but their community.

Make Real Change. Youth Ambassadors will create change in the community through service projects, policy change, and educational campaigns,. Youth aren't the leaders of tomorrow--youth are the leaders of today.



Meetings take place every Friday (unless noted) from 2:30PM-3:30PM in the Norwood High School Library. Please let us know if transportation is a barrier for you, and we will work with you to find a solution.

What to Expect

The Youth Ambassador Program will have various projects and events throughout the year and, depending on your personal interests, you can partake in as many as you see fit. We aim to have each meeting be an engaging and stress-free hour, but, like with many things in life, projects and events will require practice. Some meetings will be dedicated to working on upcoming projects, where others will be dedicated to practicing presentation skills, learning informational presentations, practicing PSAs, skills, tips, and tricks for resume building, etc. A few projects include:

  • Developing educational presentations

  • Designing prevention campaign materials

  • Managing Impact Norwood Instagram account

  • Writing press releases

  • Developing and recording PSAs

  • Presenting to local organizations

  • Organizing prevention events

  • Community/environmental scans

What we expect of you

It is important to understand that as a Youth Impact Norwood Ambassador, you take on the responsibility of role-modeling and promoting a healthy, educated, responsible lifestyle to your peers and your community. It is expected that you’ll attend at least 75% of weekly meetings throughout the school year and/or communicate absences in a timely manner, dress appropriately and professionally when representing the organization at specific events and that you will not engage in any alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana products or any other illegal drug use.

Responsibility We understand that there will be times you are unable to make meetings. All we ask is that you let us know in advance via text, call, email. To promote leadership and responsibility, we expect that these notifications will come from you and not your guardian.

Reliability Like we mentioned, there will be times where you just can’t make it. However, there will be projects you’re involved in where others will be relying on you to play your part. Please connect with other members if you’re unable to make a meeting and plan, if necessary, to meet up with them another time to continue your work.

Respect Throughout the year, we will continuously practice and polish presentation skills, practice PSAs, and edit press releases. This is a place where mistakes can be made, and constructive criticism can be given. The goal is to empower each other to grow and improve. We expect that any feedback will be given respectfully and that mistakes will be embraced and not mocked.

Failure to meet these expectations will result in revocation of Youth Ambassador ID and rewards.

Interested in joining?

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