What Everyone Should Know About Keeping Youth Healthy and Safe: Part 1

Alcohol, marijuana, vape pens, oh my! Yes—there are a lot of things out there that can be detrimental to the developing brain. It’s important to be educated about these things and know what puts youth at risk for engaging in risky behavior and work to reduce those risks. It’s equally important to promote the things that keep youth safe and protected—and that protection doesn’t just come from the individual or family. It comes from the community as well.

During the month of March, Impact Norwood will dive into the four key aspects of building protection for youth in our community. It’s important for young people to be immersed in an environment that:

  • Consistently communicates healthy beliefs and clear standards

  • Builds bonding between adults and youth, and youth and the community

  • Provides opportunities for youth to develop skills and get recognition for their involvement

  • Nurtures individual characteristics

Next week, check back in with us to read all about healthy beliefs and clear standards, and what that means for an individual, family and community!

Impact Norwood