Impact through action

What is substance use prevention?  We all know the nation is in the midst of an epidemic, specifically an opioid epidemic.  But it's so much more than that--it's an addiction epidemic.  Impact Norwood believes in going "upstream" to prevent our youth from experimenting with substances.  Studies show that 9 out of 10 people with substance use disorders today started using a substance before age 18. 

By collaborating with all parts of the community--from schools to law enforcement--the coalition is working to educate the community about underage substance use through media campaigns, listening sessions and guest speakers.  We want to continue to create a positive, healthy Norwood for youth today and future generations.  

Impact Norwood recently implememted a media campaign (on the right) to educate parents about the Social Host Law, Underage Recreational Use of Marijuana and the importance of locking up prescription medication. 


What's Happening in Norwood? 


Why do we collect data through the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), parents surveys, focus groups and interviews?  Because it is how we stay informed about what is happening in our community.  When you go to your doctor for what you think is, say, an ankle sprain, he or she is going to ask questions about your symptoms and likely take an x-ray or MRI to get a clearer picture.  The doctor is collecting data to identify exactly what the problem is to make sure it can be treated correctly. What you think is a sprain could actually be a break.

 When Impact Norwood collects data we do it because we are ensuring we have a clear picture of the "symptoms" in our community so we can implement programs and strategies that will have the most positive impact for the town. 

2015 YRBS: Substance Use Among Youth in Grades 9-12